How to Apply

PictureComplete the online application in its entirety, and submit it by March 31, 2016. Arrange for your school to mail your transcript, including this winter’s grades, signed and dated by a school officer.

Have two copies of the Teacher Recommendation Form completed, from one of either a math or science teacher as well as another teacher, and ask that the form be sent directly to us at our mailing address. Be sure to complete the Applicant Information section of that form.

We cannot begin the review process until your file is complete. We urge you to verify that your application file includes all of the items listed above.

Application Checklist

To be complete, all of the following parts of the application must be postmarked, hand delivered, or electronically submitted to our offices at 520 International Village, Northeastern University no later than March 30, 2015.  Please note that our physical and mailing addresses are different – visit our contact page for this information.

  • Completed application, including the personal statement section, electronically signed by a parent or guardian and the applicant;
  • Official high school transcript, ninth grade to present grade level, including winter quarter grades (showing A or B in mathematics and science), signed, dated and sealed by a school officer;
  • Two recommendations, one of which must come from a mathematics or science teacher. Recommendation forms must be signed, dated, and sealed by the teacher.Be sure to provide a valid and frequently checked email in your application as we will use this to send notifications.
  • Student Essays: The application includes short answer/essay questions, which will require some time to answer and should be done ahead of time in a word processor. In order to assist you in answering these questions they are listed below.
    a. Briefly describe any special interests you may have (250 words or less).
    b. Please write a short description as to why you would like to participate in this program (500 words or less).
    c. What do you see yourself doing as a career 10 years from now (250 words or less)?
    d. Describe three skills or talents that you believe will make you successful in the future (250 words or less).