Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:        Ferdi Hellweger
Project Title:                Evaluating Water Quality at Potential Charles River Swimming Locations 

RET Team:                  Diana Cost, Weymouth Public Schools (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
                                        Kellie Burtch, Innovation Academy Charter School    (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:        Akram Alshawabkeh
Project Title:               Green Geo-Environmental Engineering
RET:                                Ardian Mici, Andover Montessori School  (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:         April Gu
Project Title:                Evaluation of Toxicity of Environmental Pollutant and Development                      
                                           of Biological Processes for Water Treatment
RET:                                Jalal Ghaemghami, Roxbury Community College     (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:        Deniz Erdogmus
Project Title:                Brain Computer Interface Design using Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials
RET:                                 Dan Smalley, Boston Public Schools  (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:        Shashi Murthy
Project Title:                Cell Separation for Tissue Engineering Using Microfluidics
RET Team:                     Judith Luber-Narod, Abbey Kelly Charter School  (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
                                           Harriet Page, Marblehead High School (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:         Erin Cram
Project Title:                 Genetic Regulation of Cell Migration
RET:                                  Tim Dimario, Boston Public Schools      (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
                                            Jill Sewell, Swampscott Public Schools  (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:         Nayeb Hashemi
Project Title:                Development of Rapid Deployment Panels for Energy Absorption
RET:                                 Tony Mak, Middlesex Community College  (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)
Lab Assignment
Faculty Advisor:        Nasser Fard
Project Title:                Systems Design and Analysis from Concept to Production

RET:                                 Javad Moulai, Roxbury Community College  (Website) (Lesson Plan) (Poster)