Program Goals
Summer  research internships are a wonderful opportunity for teachers to participate in active research projects in professional laboratory settings. 
The two main project goals are:
to provide participants with an extensive summer research experience
to make real connections between the research experience and the teacher’s classroom curriculum.
The goals will be accomplished by providing
a comprehensive six-week summer research experience within the research laboratories of CenSSIS for urban school teachers
an opportunity for participants to review and select research-based curriculum programs or units that are aligned with local, state, and national Frameworks, as well as the research experience.
About the Program
Participants spend six weeks in the RET summer program. Participants are placed in research assignments in pairs. Laboratory assignments may be at Northeastern University, Boston University, and/or University of Massachusetts-Lowell.Participants work a minimum of 35 hours per week at their sites. Most of the time will be spent in the research laboratory working on some aspect of a major research program. Additionally, there may be time spent in project team meetings, seminars, special training sessions, professional development meetings, field trips, RET group meetings, etc. Participants are paid as temporary employees of Northeastern University on a weekly basis. Please note: The laboratory workday and workweek requires some flexibility in scheduling as the hours may vary.

As part of the research experience, all participants are required to keep a Laboratory Research Notebook, a Reflective Journal, and develop a research poster presentation to be shared with colleagues and affiliates at the end of the summer. Additionally, an outline of the lesson plan/ curriculum connection will be shared at the last meeting of the summer.