90 Minutes  |  5th – 12th Grades

1347909728Students will have an opportunity to study solar energy as part of a larger overview of Renewable Energy sources.  In this activity, students will get an overview of renewable energy sources, and will then focus on how Solar Electricity can be generated, stored, and utilized in homes, buildings, and other infrastructure.  In groups of 2-4, students will build their own cardboard ‘homes’, and adjust the roof to be at the specified angle.  The models will then be brought outside (or placed under a bright flood-lamp if weather doesn’t permit), and the varied angles will produce a set of data that can be used to find the optimum angle to place the solar panels at.  Students will then have an opportunity to examine why a particular range of angles work better or worse than others, and how solar energy is implemented on homes and buildings across the world.

Solar Panel Activity
Energy ID Worksheet
Solar Energy Handout – Elementary

Snap Circuits + Solar Energy Prezi – Elementary
Renewable Energy Prezi