90 Minutes  |  3rd – 8th Grades


Using the Snap Circuits Junior kits, students will be introduced to the basic properties of electricity and electronics. They will learn the fundamentals behind circuitry and how circuits are used in all of the technological devices we use today. An overview of a simple circuit, followed by paired students’ testing of the kits provides insight into the types of circuits and compares the differing properties of series circuits and parallel circuits.

Students will be able to re-create circuits of various functionalities such as shining a light bulb, spinning a motor, or both. They will be able to manipulate these circuits and create their own circuits using the components provided in the snap circuit kit.

MA Framework Content Standards:
Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics)
Grades 3-5: 6. Circuits and Forms of Electricity

Lesson Plan:
Lesson Plan – Circuits

Circuits Review
Intro to Circuits
Student Instructions
Teacher Instructions

Snap Circuits – Elementary
Snap Circuits + Solar Energy + Wind Turbines – Elementary