90 Minutes  |  3rd – 6th Grades


“Overfishing and Sustainability” introduces students to the basics of sustainability and the balance that is required when using Earth’s natural resources. Students will watch in a presentation that gives an overview on sustainability and the effects of overfishing on the environment and the fishing industry. The presentation also explores the technology large-scale fishermen have developed and the negative consequences that occur because of this technology.

Students will be able to simulate a typical fishing company that will have an increasingly large impact on the fish population as they “develop” more effective means of fishing. They will form groups and will compete against each other to maximize their profits from fishing. The effects of overfishing will become clear once the fishing company progresses deeper into the fishing business and gains less and less profit each round of fishing despite having all the resources to obtain such fish.

MA Framework Content Standards:
Environmental Science
Grades 3-6

Lesson Plan:
Lesson Plan – Overfishing

Overfishing Handout
Overfishing Log

Overfishing Prezi