Integrating the Sciences through Energy (Energy I)

Following new state and national standards for the teaching of science, recognizes that energy is both a key content area in the physical sciences and a concept that cuts across all of the science disciplines. Accordingly, explores the fundamentalprinciples of energy through an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the flow of energy through biological, physical, chemical, and earth systems, while promoting science as a unified body of knowledge. Aims to develop science literacy and critical thinking skills in teachers using hands-on activities organized around practices from the NRC A K-12 Framework for Science Education and the 7E learning cycle and instructional model. Well-suited to help elementary and middle school teachers use energy as a curriculum-connecting theme throughout the year and high school teachers to connect energy to past and future learning. Prior enrollment in MTH 6527, or equivalent, is recommended.

Time & Dates: Monday-Friday, July 7-18, 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Instructors: Dr. Christos Zahopoulos (NEU), Dr. Malcolm Pringle (NEU/MIT), Dr. Steve Untersee (NEU)

Location: Northeastern University