The Greater Boston South Shore Science Partnership (GBSSSP) is offering a series of graduate level professional development courses for science and math teachers of grades K-12. Each course combines content, contextualized to practice-based curricula that follow the Common Core Standards, The Next Generation of Science Standards and the Massachusetts STEM frameworks, with pedagogical models drawn from the latest learning science and math research.

Teachers have the option of taking individual courses, as needed, or signing up for Northeastern University’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree with a concentration in Learning and Instruction. Seven of the 11 courses offered through GBSSSP can be applied towards the completion of the M.Ed. degree.

Cost: $50 – Net cost per course. (You pay an additional $650 to matriculate, but receive a $650 stipend upon successful completion of each course.) You may pay for this course immediately after class registration, or elect to pay for the course using the stipend(s) that you receive.

The courses are open to all teachers of science and math in public and private schools in Massachusetts.
Contact Feby Kiragu for more information: or (617) 373-5154

Check out the Physics II: Waves, Electricity and Magnetism Course Website HERE!

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