The Early College Experience program offers high school students the opportunity to receive mentorship and tutoring support at Northeastern University, while also taking a 20-week Engineering Design course typically offered to 1st year NU Engineering students.  The ECE program recruits local Boston Public School students enrolled in AP Calculus, and offers them the opportunity to get support for their Calculus course and enroll in the Engineering Design course.  Supported by the MA Center for Clean Energy and the NU College of Engineering, the ECE program brings high school students to campus 2x/week for 2.5 hours each day, with time spent equally between AP Calculus support and the Engineering Design course.  The 4-credit course is identical to the Freshman level course, but is offered over the period of 20 weeks to allow students sufficient time to complete the necessary work to receive credit.

For more information on the ECE program, please contact Feby Kiragu at