On Tuesday December 17th the 20th Annual RE-SEED Conference was held at Northeastern amid the snowfall. Despite weather complications over 45 volunteers were able to make it in for the Conference, which included several volunteer presentations, visits to the 3D printing lab and the 1 st y ear engineering lab with Dr. Rich Ranky and Dr. Susan Freeman, respectively. Lunch included a discussion with Governor and Distinguished Professor Michael Dukakis, and the program wrapped up early with a final round of volunteer presentations. Below are several photos from the event, and a link to the News@Northeastern article by Joe O’Connell: http://www.northeastern.edu/news/2013/12/stem-education/

Sid Krimsky 1 Michael Adler 3 Larry McGrail George Haus 2 Dukakis and Christos Dukakis 7 Dukakis 4 Diane 1 Christos 3D Lab 5 3D Lab 2 Aubry 3 3D Lab 1 Sue Freeman 1